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The first thing you need to know about window tint for your car is that there are many companies that manufacture window film. Most of them look good at first but they don’t last. We are proud to be Llumar Dealers because we know we are offering our customers the very best films on the market. What makes us different? Only LLumar makes their film completely in house, all our films offer 99% UV protection, Unmatched patented scratch resistant coating, Color stable warranty (won’t turn purple), Lifetime warranty against bubbling, distortion, peeling, cracking. LLumar is the only car film that offers a lifetime warranty for UV protection because it’s put in the film. Some other manufacturers put it in the glue where it slowly fades away. LLumar is the undisputed leader in the window film industry and it is only installed by trained professionals.

It happens to all of us eventually. Your driving along and somehow a rock hits the front of your car. Well if you have a new car that can be quite costly. One little chip can depreciate your car by thousands of dollars. Applying LLumar virtually invisible paint protection film can give you some peace of mind. Originally invented during the Gulf war to protect helicopter blades from being damaged by sand this urethane film will absorb impact protecting your paint and the value of your car. It will also make it easier to clean off the bugs. When applied to headlights it will prevent them from fogging. A must have for people with high end cars.