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One of our goals here at Supertints is to educate our customers about Window Film. We know there is not a lot of information about Window Tinting out there. For some reason all the big companies that manufacture Window Film have chose not to market it. They leave it to us Dealers to do all the Marketing. Although it is slowly becoming more marketed.

There are many misconceptions out there about Window Tinting. People see a poor quality film that has turned purple and is all bubbled up and they think all tint does that. There is a big difference in film qualities on the market. The crazy thing is you will usually pay close to the same amount for professional Window Film that you will for the cheap stuff because people don’t know the difference so we have to keep our prices similar to stay competitive.

A good quality film will not ever bubble or turn purple and is not easily scratched. A pour quality film may look good at first but will quickly fade and lose it’s UV protection and the first time you clean it with windex it will start bubbling. Pour quality films are easily scratched even with a paper towel. Just think of all the cars out there with bubbled up tint and you can get an idea of just how many tint shops are willing to use cheap tint to increase their profits. When people see a professional tint job they usually assume it came that way from the factory.

Supertints is proud to be dealers for Llumar, the undisputed leader in the Window Film industry. Llumars’ patented scratch resistant coating makes their film out perform all other films. It is also the only film with a lifetime warranty for UV protection. Tinting your windows is something you should only have to do once. If any film we install ever fails we will replace it free. Supertints has worked hard to earn our reputation as the best place in the North State to go for Window Tinting. Our Customers know that when they bring their car to us they can expect quality work at a fair price and with our state of the art computerized Film Cutter we tint most cars in one to two hours. For more information about Window Tinting or for a free quote give us a call @ (530)533-9846.

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